vtc toulon

Transport of VIP people

Avec Excellium Limousine, profitez d’un transfert de haute qualité. Vos déplacements seront assurés par des chauffeurs professionnels qui mettront à votre service leur savoir-faire et leur expérience afin de vous garantir une entière satisfaction. Vous serez accueilli à bord d’un véhicule de prestige à bord duquel, confort et luxe sont au rendez-vous.

Excellium Limousine, vehicle rental with driver

The transfer of a person in a luxury vehicle or limousine rental with driver, also known as a VTC, is a booming sector. Generally confined to capitals and capitals, it has nonetheless become generalized for a few years and is spreading, to the dismay of taxi drivers who see it as unfair competition. It is true that the border between VTC and taxi is sometimes thin but ultimately not comparable.

A VTC has a high-end luxury vehicle with all options and a private driver while the vehicle of a simple taxi driver is much more sober. For this, we can consider a taxi driver to be a “public driver”. Look website https://provence-travel.co.uk/.

With a taxi do not expect any additional service than the race, you will rarely open the door … as for luggage and suitcases, whether heavy or light and whether you are young and vigorous or old and weak you are generally accommodated at the same sign: figure it out !

VTC, « scheduled » person transport

Still in comparison with taxi services, where the difference is significant, it is at the level of the races themselves. Indeed, the taxi driver takes the races “live”, whether according to his wanderings or by instant call from his central or the customer on his cellphone.

A race which is not planned but spontaneous. The VTC is quite another thing since the appointments of the races, transport, transfers and other car rental with driver are defined in advance, at least a few days in general. But hybrid bikes working a lot with events for the transport of celebrities, businessmen or other stars on major festivals for example, this remains in the end an area where taxis are not competitors.